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of the ambassador chris stevens was a despicable act of terrorism. but the right responses to finish the work that chris stevens gave his life to and that is what the vast majority of libyans want, too. we saw that in ben zazi last weekend as they took to the streets refusing to allow extremists to hijack their chance for dhaka see. the arab spring has brought progress in egypt with of the democratically elected president as civilian control over the military. in yemen and tunisia where the elections support the government to power and in morocco where there is a new constitution and a prime minister appointed on the basis of the popular vote for the first time. and even further appealed somalia has also taken the first step forward by electing a new president. so there has been progress, and none of it would have come about without people standing up last year and demanding change or without this united nations having the courage to respond to the cries. second there's the argument that the removal of dictators started to unleash a new wave of violence, extremism and instability. some argue
a question here? way, way in the back, is there a microphone in that last row there? >> steven call, university of maryland. is it important for the united states to abide by international law and liberal international order and is there a way the united states could use military force against iran's nuclear program without u.n. approval and be in compliance with international law? >> who wants to take that? want to take it. >> i will take it but don't want to be droning on and on. >> then speak briefly. >> i will speak briefly. the united states, first of all, you know you can go through a lot of presidents going back to including bill clinton obviously who took military action in kosovo in that case without a u.n. security council mandate and, barack obama ran and says repeatedly that he does not consider the united states bound by to pursue its interests bound by u.n. security council resolutions. merge has i would say am by lept attitude toward international law. we are in some respects the greatest spokesman sometimes for international law but throughout our history and through
the people is ambassador stevens is killed, therefore let's walk away from libya. i just don't think is intellectually indefensible. you have to say, which elements of pakistan are the progressives if we believe they exist and i believe they do. which elements do have common issues with us? if we are to look forward to pakistan opening up, if we are to look forward to pakistan's energy self-sufficient has proper education up into the world economy, and therefore less susceptible perhaps to extremism in the country. i think we have to do a better job and i think many people in this room have an understanding of pakistan and gmail who are the people we had to work with? it's not pakistan as such. given the flawed relations of institutions in the country. usually choose to work with and which then how could we work i had, but we are going to create strategic partnership in 12 areas. your cyberculture, water and we're going to do bilaterally. we will have a one-size-fits-all institutional links. some of these problems are give into that kind kind of structure. so we have to say where do
stevens and running around campaign and then have a conversation with mike was running the romney transition team is two different world. obama is omar khadr get and that of many private conversations with his people but i also believe he's not that dissimilar. it's a very different conversation than the one you have with jack lew or whoever is fully thinking through what obama would actually do in november, december of this year, and then the first six months of next year. so i don't think it's impossible. i think maybe it's just the way we're going to have to conduct ourselves, pivot extremely quickly after election day and get about the business of governing. i don't buy the argument that the partisanship is so bad that you can get democratic votes for republican budget or vice versa. i think there'll be a certain momentum to do with these programs where the reelected the president for elect a new president. so that will be an unusual situation, when we haven't had a long time, that degree of certainty and mandate i think. but in any case, i think, but it's not going to become
entry imagining of other people's ideas. >> steven johnson will be our get -- guest next month. the science writer and columnist for discover magazine will look at the cyberworld popular culture and computer networking and politics. lives in their october 7 at noon eastern on c-span2 book tv. up next, a debate between kendis to be the next governor of new hampshire. the republican candidates unsuccessfully ran for governor in 1996 and was the republican nominee for the u.s. senate in 2010. democrat is a former new hampshire state senator who served as the majority leader. this took place in manchester, new hampshire and comes to us from new hampshire public broadcasting and is about an hour. >> welcome to the candidates' forum on business and the economy. i am most of the exchange. we are coming to you from the television studios at the new hampshire is to to the politics that political library. for the next hour we will hear from new hampshire is gubernatorial candidates. we will press them to talk about what they would do as governor and refrain from spending valuable time at
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5